Safer and Convenient,

With Variety Of Additional Functions


○ Fingerprint recognition
- Payment service available through fingerprint authentication
○ Available this service
- IC Lock control through fingerprint
- Registering fingerprint and confirming through fingerprint sensor (Fingerprint information is stored in Local)

NO Battery

- Lightend weight with no battery imbedded in the card
- Payment through NFC low energy
- In case of low battery, card management (view/select cards) can be done in application

Wireless Charging

- Battery imbedded in the card can be recharged wirelessly.
- No additional charger is needed due to the NFC charging technology.
- If activates NFC on smartphone, the card is charged through near field communication.

IC Lock Control

- If IC is locked, payment is only enabled after unlocking IC.
- It is only when user wants to use the card, the Card is activated for payment.
- Cards can be registered in smartphone app to provide phone authentication.
- If the card is registered on app, a message will show on the phone when card power is turned on.

NFC Control

- Prevent overlapping use of another The Card near by locking NFC.
- Controlling of activation/deactivation of NFC for security purpose. Users can deactivate NFC when not in use.


- OTP feature with 2nd security code added to enhance security
- OTP available anytime with financial/private OTP service we provide